10.22.07The Yayoi Ikawa Quartet Tours Japan in November 2007

Don't miss the Yayoi Ikawa 4tet in Japan this coming month. Yayoi and the band will be all over Japan so if you are in Japan start making arrangements because this is going to be a tour for the history books!!!

Yayoi will be bringing a group of the best young musicians from New York!
The lineup is:
Jonathan Powell-trumpet
Evan Gregor-bass
Jordan Perlson-drums
and of course Yayoi Ikawa-piano.

As well as bringing a new line up she will also be bring a new slew of groundbreaking music written just for this tour. So tell everyone you know to be there and Yayoi and the guys look forward to seeing you all and playing for you!

Check out the Schedule below:

11/14 Wed - Yorozuya Sobei (Kobe) http://www.soubei.net/
19:00(open) 19:30(1st Set) 3000yen(advance) 3500yen(day of)

11/15 Thur - New Combo (Fukuoka) http://www.f2.dion.ne.jp/~combo/
19:30(open) 20:00(1st Set) 3500yen(advance) 4000yen(day of)

11/16 Fri - Mokkiriya (Kanazawa) http://www.spacelan.ne.jp/~mokkiriya/
19:00(open) 19:30(1st set) 3500yen(advance) 4000yen(day of)

11/17 Sat - Koln (Shizuoka-Fuji) http://www.fujinokuni.co.jp/cz/koln.htm
19:00(open) 20:00(1st set) 3500yen(advance) 4000yen(day of)

11/18 Sun - BIRD (Hiroshima) http://jazzclub-bird2206.rakurakuhp.com/
19:00(open) 19:30(1st set) 3500yen(advance) 4000yen(day of)

11/19 Mon - JAZZ ON TOP (Osaka) http://www.jazzontop.com/
18:00(Open) 19:30(1st Set) 3800yen

11/20 Tues - DOXY (Nagoya) http://www.doxy.biz
18:00(open) 19:30(1st Set) 3300yen(advance) 3800yen(day of)

11/22 Thurs - SPAIN CLUB (Morioka) http://spain-club.jp/
19:00(open) 19:30(1st Set) 4500yen(advance) 5000yen(day of)

11/23 Fri - CATWALK (Akita) http://www.jazzcatwalk.net/
18:00(open) 19:30(1st set)
4000yen(advance) 4500yen(day of) 3500yen(student)

11/24 Sat - TOKYO TUC (Tokyo) http://www.tokyouniform.com/tokyotuc/
19:00(open) 19:30(1st Set)
4000yen(advance) 4500yen(day of) 3500yen(student)

11/25 Sun - DOLPHY (Yokohama) http://www.dolphy-jazzspot.com
18:00(open) 19:00(1st set) 3500yen(advance) 4000yen(day of)
TEL 045-261-4542

03.02.06The birth of The Yayoi Ikawa Big Band!!!

Yayoi's first big band recording is now available on the audio page. Recorded in on February 24th her score "Horizons" was brought to life by eight great NYC musicians. Please check out this awesome track on the audio page and hear just how deep Yayoi's talent runs!!!

10.09.05Yayoi`s latest album "Color of Dreams" is Now Available On CDBABY.COM.

The CD is an amazing self-produced album documenting Yayoi`s original music and a spectacular trio featuring Tyshawn Sorey on drums and Jim Robertson on bass. Special thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen. To name a few: Tom Tedesco, Daniel Blackman, Jim and Tyshawn.